Mindfulness Meditation

How Mindfulness Meditation can help?

Mindfulness is the kind of meditation that helps people to work mainly on their focus ability, trying to bring us to present moment. Other than that it can help with anxiety and some stages of depression. Mindfulness can bring to your life calmness, stress relief and feel of stronger free will, by simple exercises, gives you new perspective on your mind. It’s proven that meditation is very good addition to therapy, but of course it’s impact is beneficial to every people, in they everyday life.

What actually is Mindfulness?

It is a certain amount of mind practices with focus. Most of the exercises concentrate on feelings that comes with breath. By observation how our mind works when working on simple tasks, we can calm our self and find out how our own mind sabotage our concentration. How we distract from what we do, and go in loops of thinking on ordinary topics. Many of this thoughts are unnecessary, like self doubts, argues, thinking about past or future, or evaluation of our self, or what we do. That is how our mind is making harm to us in a way. By reliving embarrassing situation, thinking on the same thing ten times, we live in anxiety, often completly distracted from our real life that is going in present moment.

Every exercise that help us to be in present moment is giving us power to live really in the “now”. Most of things in life are trying to take our focus from living in present and takes us to unreal unhealthy place.

Virtual Reality Takes Mindfulness Meditation To The Next Level!

Mindfulness and New Technology

Virtual Reality takes mindfulness meditation to the highest level. With our product you can sit and meditate better anywhere!

We made beautiful and calming scenaries in Virtual Reality, that can benefit your practice. With our guided meditations made by our specialists, you will make progress for sure. Scripts are tailored for maximal effect.

In Virtual Reality we are in complete control of what you see and hear, by this we can make more effective experience.

Biosensors – See your focus as visual feedback!

By scanning of our brain waves we can see how distracted or in focus your are. With realtime information on your concentration we build visual and audio representations in virtual reality.

For example: you will see how much you are in focus by watching:

  • fire going stronger or weaker
  • watching changes of weather
  • changes of nature sound volume
  • other different experiences, like lotus flower levitating higher or lower.

These simple representations can give you real information on your meditation quality for the first time!